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Mobility & Parking 

Non-Vehicular Mobility

Vehicular Mobility & Transit

Road Closures / Maintenance of Traffic (MOT's)


Broward Blvd. Crosswalk at Brightline

Summary: Install a pedestrian crosswalk on Broward Boulevard at or near 2nd Avenue to directly connect the Brightline station to the A&E District, Riverwalk and the core of Downtown. The DDA is coordinating efforts with the City and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to demonstrate the need for a mid-block crossing.


The Coalition can vocalize their support to FDOT and provide the number of visitors and employees for each facility/entity to show potential demand.

Mobility Hub Improvements

The City of Fort Lauderdale received a $3.5 million grant from the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to improve a four-block area bounded by Broward Boulevard, Andrews Avenue, NW 4th Street and the FEC Railroad. The funds must be fully spent by December 31, 2019. Plans are underway to use a portion of the funding to improve NW 4th Street in this area to better accommodate bikes and pedestrians. The City would like to use the remaining funds to finalize design plans for a pedestrian bridge over the railroad at NW 2nd Street.


The Coalition can communicate to the City and MPO that the remaining funds should be used to implement physical improvements in the area, not to design a bridge that may not be necessary at this time due to other planned developments in the area.

FEC Greenway / LauderTrail / Mockingbird Trail

 There is a desire to continue the existing bike/ped greenway along the railroad tracks that currently runs along Flagler Drive between Andrews Avenue and Sunrise Boulevard, south to the New River and ultimately south of the New River. The City has also established a “LauderTrail Working Group” whose intent is to plan a 7-mile bike/ped trail in the City. There is also an effort underway to plan and implement the “Mockingbird Trail” which would incorporate art into a bike/ped trail in the Downtown area.


The Coalition can vocalize their support for one or a combination of these trails as part of the City’s Parks Bond.

Dockless Mobility (Bird, Lime, etc.)

The City passed an ordinance to allow dockless mobility companies to deploy devices such as scooters and bikes within the City. The program kicked off in November 2018 and within four weeks there have been close to 40,000 trips taken on dockless scooters (per estimates from the companies). These devices provide a good last mile option to reach a destination without a car. As programs like this kick off for the first time there are naturally some concerns and issues to work out. The City has regulations to guide usage and deployment and the permitted companies are working with the community to address issues.


The Coalition can serve as an advocate for this mobility option. The DDA can facilitate meetings between Coalition partners and the dockless mobility companies to address concerns and develop partnerships, including agreements with individual properties regarding storage and deployment.

Non-Vehicular Mobility

Mobility & Parking 

Vehicular Mobility

Sun Trolley & Water Trolley - Hours and Funding

The Transportation Management Association (TMA) operates six different Sun Trolley routes throughout eastern Fort Lauderdale including routes to/between the Airport, Downtown, Beaches, Las Olas Boulevard corridor, and Galleria/Sunrise Blvd in addition to a water trolley route along the New River in Downtown. The TMA is a non-profit organization with Board representation and funding participation by the County, the City, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (Broward MPO), the South Florida Transit Authority (SFRTA) operators of Tri-Rail, and the Fort Lauderdale Downtown Development Authority.

The TMA has struggled to provide frequent, reliable service without having a sustainable operating revenue stream and over the years has had to reduce service translating to reduced ridership and performance. In 2018, the TMA Board of Directors decided to evaluate all existing routes with the goal of consolidating to fewer more effective routes with reliable and consistent headways. Following the passage of the penny transportation surtax in November, much needed operating funding will be allocated to the Sun Trolley service in the coming year.


The Coalition can request that the City provide the necessary funding to run the Water Trolley consistently with no daily service hour breaks. At the appropriate time, the Coalition can provide assistance in educating the community about the transition to fewer, more efficient Sun Trolley routes, and advocate for necessary funding.

Rideshare & loading/Unloading Zones

The City has been implementing designated rideshare and loading/unloading zones in strategic areas around DowntownFTL, such as in entertainment districts and along commercial corridors. Due to the increased use of rideshare, the allocation of curb space is being re-evaluated nationwide. By designating zones on side streets for these uses, traffic congestion on primary streets is reduced and the visual impact of these activities is hidden from primary view.


The Coalition can serve as an advocate to continue the implementation of designated rideshare and loading/unloading zones in DowntownFTL to alleviate traffic congestion on primary corridors.

Andrews / 3rd One-Way Pairs

Following the cancellation of the Wave Streetcar, the Broward MPO evaluated an alternative north/south mobility option for downtown by utilizing Andrews and 3rd Avenues as one-way pairs. A one-way pair concept would change the current lane configuration of each street- one street would operate in one direction (south) and the other street would operate in the other direction (north), increasing capacity for vehicles while freeing up right-of-way to use for other modes of travel such as dedicated bus or rail lanes, wider sidewalks, and dedicated bike/scooter lanes.

Still in concept phase, the Andrews/3rd Avenue One-Way Pairs idea was presented by the Broward MPO to the City of Fort Lauderdale and the Fort Lauderdale DDA in late 2018, both supporting studying the concept further through a formal feasibility study. Next stop is for the Broward MPO to present to Broward County as the owners of Andrews and 3rd Avenues. Once approved by the County, funding will need to be secured to complete the feasibility study.


 The Coalition may be needed in the next few months to voice support to the Broward County Commission for studying the concept further. This may entail attending an upcoming County Commission meeting or sending emails to Commissioners in advance of the meeting. Once approved, the Coalition may be needed to help advocate for funding the study to the City and County Commissions.

Coastal Link & New River Bridge

Tri-Rail Coastal Link is a project planned for the FEC railway that will have multiple stops between the Treasure Coast to Miami-Dade County filling the critical need for an alternative to driving for the everyday commuter. One of the major hurdles is major investment that is required to traverse the New River in DowntownFTL. This could include building an iconic rail bridge over the waterway or building a tunnel under the waterway, both of which will require major capital and political support.


No immediate action at this time

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